FTA Calls for new Freight Commissioner

FTA Calls for new Freight Commissioner

The Freight Transport Association, FTA, has announced that they are renewing their call for a new Freight Commissioner for London. The FTA work to represent more than 16,000 businesses that transport a range of goods and services throughout the UK and Europe.

The organisation has said that it is essential to have a strong voice that will be able to represent the freight transport industry. A new commissioner has successfully been appointed for Walking and Cycling, and is following this appointment that the FTA have reignited their calls for a new Freight Commissioner for London.

The FTA has called again for a new commissioner as a part of a response to the Mayor’s Transport Strategy. The call for a Freight Commissioner has been made by both the FTA and the London Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Hopefully the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan will hear this demand from the freight transport industry and make the appointment of a Freight Commissioner for London a priority in order to support London’s business through the uncertainty that is present in the market as a result of Brexit.

The FTA believes that a Freight Commissioner that works directly under the Mayor of London would be able to offer more support and assistance as well as make sure that the Mayor’s Transport Strategy recommendations for the freight industry are implemented in the most effective way possible. This new Commissioner could lead to the further development of a longer term operational plan for the sector.

London’s population is continuing to grow, and it has been predicted that numbers will reach 10 million by 2030. This rapidly expanding city is very dependent on reliable and efficient logistics operations in order to see the delivery of food., clothes, documents, medicines, building and construction materials. In order to make sure that life and business can keep moving 24 hours a day every day, businesses require the support of the logistics industry, to deliver products and to also clear away waste at the end of each day. This vital industry has a massive impact to London life, and with a Commissioner for Walking and Cycling already appointed, it is essential that a Freight Commissioner is selected to provide much needed support.

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