Fraikin Supply Waterlogic with new 19-vehicle Fleet

Fraikin Supply Waterlogic with new 19-vehicle Fleet

Fraikin has supplied Waterlogic with a fleet of 19 commercial vehicles as part of a full-service contract hire. The businesses have been working together for 13 years, and this new delivery to the water cooler company has reinforced the business relationship between the two companies.

The new deal that has been made for these 19 vehicles has a term of four years, in the past the contract hire has been fixed for six years. However, this new, shorter contract term will improve the average uptime of the vehicle and its reliability throughout the fleet’s lifespan. Waterlogic use their fleet extensively, operating fully laden the majority of the time in order to utilize each vehicle to the maximum. The fleet is used to transport water bottles across the nation, making several different drops each day, five days a week.

As part of the new contract hire, Fraikin also recommended that the water company also upgrade their fleet to the IVECO Daily 7.2-tonne chassis cabs. These vehicles would replace the more lightweight 7.5 tonne vehicles that have been used by the company in the past and manufactured by a different company. Even though the IVECO vehicles that have been recommended have a lower gross vehicle weight, the Daily vehicles would actually deliver an increased payload capacity which would improve the efficiency of the fleet.

This new Daily light vehicle fleet is a part of larger changes to the Waterlogic fleet, with a number of new additions and changes being made. As Fraikin has been a supplier of the water company, their advice in terms of fleet strategy is valued. Because of the long standing business relationship between the two companies, Fraikin can be trusted to monitor the maintenance history of Waterlogic fleets and deploy solutions that are able to properly meet their requirements as well as improve efficiency and help to boost Waterlogic’s public image.

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