FIGIEFA and IAAF React to TRL Report

FIGIEFA and IAAF React to TRL Report

After the release of the TRL Report, ‘Access to in-vehicle data and resources’, the FIGIEFA has called upon the European Commission to work swiftly in order to implement the interoperable in-vehicle telematics platform. The TRL report has been examined in order to identify a range of different solutions in order to protect the direct remote access to a vehicle. The data and resources that would be required in order to create such an innovative and competitive services for motorists.

The executive summary of the report has clearly demonstrated that the solution able to meet these requirements while also being able to meet the five guiding principles that have been issued as a part of the previous Commission chaired Co-operative Intelligent Transport system, or C-ITS forum, which is the interoperable in-vehicle telematics platform.

As a response the summary and the solutions put forward, FIGIEFA has called upon the European Commission to start working on the implementation of these changes without delay in order to reduce any disruption that could be caused. The TRL Report has also laid out a number of serious concerns about the proposal from VMs for their Extended Vehicle concept, which is thought to have the potential to distort the market for those services already available as well as future services. This distortion will then have a negative impact on their consumers.

The IAAF has publicly shown their support for FIGIEFA and will be looking to actively push for a swift progress to be made. This progress would allow for a step closer for the independent aftermarket to direct access to in-vehicle data. The latest developments have also been made following the release in October of the High-Level Group ‘GEAR 2030’ which looks into the key trends and challenges that will affect the future of the European automotive industry.

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