The FIAG Autumn 2017 Workshop

The FIAG Autumn 2017 Workshop

The Fleet Industry Advisory Group, FIAG, has made their final call for those interested in attending the autumn 2017 workshop. The workshop will offer a range of opportunities to network as well as carry out round table discussion into the future composition and fuel of choice for company car fleets used in Britain. The workshops will also explore the how fleets can more efficiently manage their drivers and their journeys.

The autumn 2017 workshop will take place on Thursday October the 9th. The event will be sponsored by Automotional, the specialist driver risk management company. The workshop will be taking place at Automotional’s Training Centre which is situated in the Formula E Paddock at Donington Park Race Circuit near to the M1 in Derbyshire.

Other topic at this year’s autumn event will include looking at the different ways that fleet managers can future proof their vehicle company choice lists amongst pressure from the government to transition to plug-in vehicles. The workshop will consider the how diesel, the long-established fleet fuel of choice becoming demonised across the country by the media as concerns are raised in regards to air quality concerns and the planned 2019 introduction of London’s Ultra-Low Emission Zone and the knock on potential to launch a range of Clean Air Zones in Towns and cities across the UK.

The workshop will also consider the range of possible tactics that fleets could use to stamp out driver abuse of vehicles and improve the management of their service, maintenance and repair costs in order to better ensure the work-related road safety compliance. Finally, the attendees at the autumn workshop will have the chance to explore at the round table discussions the ways that a company can improve their journey management with government figures showing that traffic volume is on the rise and a range of new research suggesting that worse commutes could be more normal across the country.

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