Crown Lift Trucks to Exhibit at IPEX 2017

Crown Lift Trucks to Exhibit at IPEX 2017

One of the world’s largest material-handling companies, Crown is expected to demonstrate their capabilities to the printing industry through an exhibition at IPEX 2017. This exhibition is known for being one of the UK’s most prestigious and long running print exhibitions. Crown will be at the show in order to showcase the equipment they offer that is ideally suited to the printing sector. The projects that will be included in the exhibition includes the SHR Straddle Stacker, the Wave Work Assist Vehicle and the WP Powered Pallet Truck.

The SHR Series of Crown’s heavy-duty straddle stackers are incredibly useful for operators needing to quickly and easily manoeuvre the heaviest loads while also having the ability to navigate a range of tight areas. The SHR Series also have pantograph reach mechanism fitted in order to deliver the combined advantages of a straddle stacker and a counterbalance forklift in order to ensure that operators and companies can handle a wide variety of pallet sizes. The transportation equipment is perfect for use in a busy printworks, where time and space are often limited.

The Work Assist Vehicle that is available with Crown Lift Trucks, The Wave, allows one person to efficiently carry out the work of two with a transformative mobile productivity tool that can also travel at twice the speed of the average walking speed. Another benefit of The Wave is that the equipment eliminates any possible risk that are normally associated with traditional ladders such as employee falls, expenses caused by loss of time and productivity, and expensive product damage.

The WP Series of products will also be on display at the IPEX 2017. The collection of powered pallet trucks, including the new, compact WP3010 model is available for operators needing equipment to meet a range of demanding applications. At the exhibition, Crown will be showing the different ways that they offer support to printing companies and a range of solutions for potential future clients.

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