Cloudbass Has Signed a New Deal With ATS Euromaster

Cloudbass Has Signed a New Deal With ATS Euromaster

Cloudbass, the specialist broadcast solutions company has signed a new deal with ATS Euromaster. The partnership has been formed in order to maximise the amount of time their vehicles are spent in use and reduce the amount of time spent inactive for maintenance.

Cloudbass is used by a range of large broadcasting companies such as Sky, BBC and ITV in order to support a range of high profile live filming operations. Among these programming events are the Scottish Premier League football and the British Touring Car Championship. In order to provide the best service to their clients, Cloudbass needed the support of a partner that would allow the company to keep their commercial fleet in use and reduce the amount downtime caused by issues relating to tyres.

Cloudbass has signed up to ATS Euromaster MasterCARE package, which is a proactive solution that will manage Cloudbass’ fleet of 36 vehicles which include cars as well as Mercedes Sprinter vans, rigid trucks and a selection of 44 tonne tractor and trailers. This variety of vehicles that make up the fleet will, as part of the maintenance solution, undergo a range of regular tyre inspections that will be carried out by a team of expert technicians in order to help them identify and tackle any possible problems before they arrive.

ATS Euromaster is well known for their outstanding customer care and reliability. This traits are ideal for offering the right service to support the work carried out by Cloudbass. ATS was also selected by Cloudbass due the nature of the specialist broadcast company and the imperative that no vehicle is out of action. The MasterCARE policy has also helped Cloudbass with their budgeting, as in the past tyre bills were difficult to track and were done sporadically on an as and when basis as opposed to regular maintenance to improve efficiency.

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