Carrier Transicold Launch New Pulsor® Solution for Anglia Crown

Carrier Transicold Launch New Pulsor® Solution for Anglia Crown

Carrier Transicold has had a significant development as, for the first time, Carrier Transicold’s Pulsor® 600 multi-temperature refrigeration system has been mounted on to a 7.5-tonne truck. The specifically-modified mount kit has been created in order to accommodate the refrigeration system before entering service with their client’s Anglia Crown. The client for these newly modified trailers is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of chilled and frozen meals to the healthcare sector.

Carrier Transicold operates in the UK as Carrier Transicold (UK) Limited and is a part of the UTC Climate, Controls & Security, which is a unit of United Technologies Corp. Carrier Transicold’s new lightweight Pulsor units are normally mounted on to light commercial vehicles and in particular, those in the intensive multi-drop urban delivery routes. However, with this new modification, the unit’s combination of high capacity while maintaining a low weight was decided on as best suited for Anglia Crown’s specific requirements. Because of this the company selected the Pulsor unit to the new heavier-weight 7.5-tonne DAF LF truck.

The company wanted to create a vehicle that offered their clients a reliable, lightweight transport solution that features a unit to maximise payload capacity. Anglian Crown said that they specified Pulsor systems from Carrier Transicold in the past, making it their first choice for applications. However, the Pulsor systems had never been mounted on this type of truck and a solution was needed in order to achieve exactly what was specified.

In order to modify their offerings and deliver a Pulsor unit on a 7.5-tonne DAF LF truck, the refrigerated vehicle rental and contract hire company Petit Forestier (UK) Ltd has played a central role in making the new DAF LF compatible with Carrier Transicold’s Pulsor system, working with their suppliers in order to create a bespoke generator mount kit.

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