'Big Data' Could Have a Significant Impact on Fleet and Travel Management

‘Big Data’ Could Have a Significant Impact on Fleet and Travel Management

Fleet Management and Travel Management are merging rapidly as ‘big data’ and technology drive the industries forward as a way of forming the Business Mobility-as-a-Service, or BMaaS. It is thought that is the future, fleet managers will cease to exist is they don’t start to use ‘big data’ solutions. This technology could then lead to greater employee mobility. The increase of big data means that more of a corporate focus on to new law compliance in the industry.

The ‘Big Data’ Masterclass held by ICFM has explored how the landscape is changing and how the unprecedented amount of information that will soon become available with the launch of the connected car and the Internet of Things will all connect to the concept of BMaaS which will help fleet managers to create a range of unbelievable efficiencies across the business.

One of Europe’s BMaaS leaders, Fleetondemand and their chief executive has told the delegates that attended the ICFM Masterclass that there is a paradigm shift taking place in the fleet industry. Today, fleet managers are concentrated on the assets that they own however it is thought that by using the emerging ‘big data’, fleet managers could be able to expand to offering different modes of transport as well as allowing fleet managers to analyse their employee’s movements.

It is incredibly convenient to have a company car, therefore BMaaS solutions need to be as convenient in order to encourage more fleet managers to make the switch to this new solution. At the moment company cars and BMaaS are complimentary, but it is thought that in time, a change to a total cost mobility solution could be the way forward. The change to a total cost mobility solution is taking place at a rapid pace, and using ‘big data’ for information could mean that a single company view could be offered for corporate costs of fleets and travel on one platform.

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