Bibby Distribution Wins Distribution Contract for Suzuki

Bibby Distribution Wins Distribution Contract for Suzuki

Bibby Distribution is well-known for their superior systems and wealth of experience which has helped them to develop an in-depth knowledge of working with a range of different dealer networks and offering 3PL. This extensive experience and reputation has helped Bibby to secure a major contract with Suzuki.

As part of their 3PL major contract, Bibby will be delivering motorcycles, marine engines and all-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, to vendors located across the UK and Ireland. The experienced distribution company has will be handling the full distribution requirements from Suzuki’s warehouse in Milton Keynes. Bibby Distribution has been awarded the contract following a competitive tender.

Bibby Distribution managed to win the contract due to their reputation for reliability among the Japanese vehicle manufacturer’s network of independent dealers. On top of this, the electronic proof of delivery system that is used by Bibby and their real-time tracking service that is offered through their full fleet telematics offers a greater level of security and reassurance. This extra offering is beneficial for Suzuki, especially while transporting and delivering Suzuki’s high-value products.

Each of the Bibby Distribution truck used for the Suzuki operation will be equipped with a demountable forklift in order to make sure that the product is safely loaded and unloaded from the truck. This feature will be vital when transporting and delivering Suzuki’s high-value products. Working with Bibby Distribution will help Suzuki in making sure that their operations run more safely and efficiently. The support of the distribution company will mean that their network of dealers will be able to rely on the manufacturing company to keep up the supply of the vehicles and products that they need every day.

Suzuki is a Japanese manufacturing company and is also one of the biggest automotive manufacturers in the world. The company has 35 main production lines across 23 different countries in order to create and deliver their ATVs, cars, outboard marine engines, motorcycles, wheelchairs and a range of small combustion engines.

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