ATS Euromaster Reach Tyre Management Agreement with Kier

ATS Euromaster Reach Tyre Management Agreement with Kier

ATS Euromaster has announced that they have won a national contract to supply, fit and manage the tyres used by Kier Services, thanks to their proactive MasterCARE fleet operations that increase the durability and performance of the tyre and reduce the tyre-related downtime that is experienced by the vehicle.

The new contract that has been agreed between Kier and ATS Euromaster hss replaced a previous agreement that has been agreed with a local independent tyre dealer. The new contract will see ATS Euromaster support Kier Services’ fleet of 214 vehicles. There are a wide range of vehicles in this fleet, from 3.5-tonne light commercial vehicles to 32-tonner refuse collection vehicles, or RCVs. The fleet is used by Kier to carry out municipal work on contracts that are managed by Kier for councils in Eastbourne, Hailsham, St Leonards-on-Sea, Uckfield and Waltham Forest.

MasterCARE inspections carried out as part of the agreement by ATS Euromaster will include checks on the tread depths and valve caps, along with a general visual inspection for damage. Upon the completion of this inspection, ATS Euromaster will provide Kier with an electronic report that details the conditions of the tyres across the fleet and any immediate work that could be required. This proactive method of tyre management helps to prevent tyre issues before they become serious and helps to protect Kier’s fleet from unscheduled downtime. The information that is delivered in the report from ATS Euromaster has will also allow Kier complete financial control over the tyre spend and allows the company to identify quickly how well a vehicle’s tyre is performing and whether additional driver training or operational issues need to be looked at and implemented.

Kier will also benefit from 24/7 roadside assistance nationwide, as well as the largest service fleet of its kind in the UK of over 700 service vans.

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