AJ Brunt Recieve a new Stepframe from Andover Trailers

AJ Brunt Recieve a new Stepframe from Andover Trailers

AJ Brunt Ltd has successfully taken delivery of a new tri-axle step frame trailer that has been supplied by Andover Trailers. The Somerset based haulage contractor has been working with the specialist body and trailer manufacturer for more than twenty years, with the new tri-axle step frame being only the latest addition to the haulage company’s fleet. AJ Brunt Ltd is a family run business that has provided haulage and storage solutions from their Frome headquarters since 1983.

AJ Brunt Ltd has taken delivery of a high specification and tailor made step frame which has a payload capacity of 38 tonnes. The new bespoke vehicle will be ideally suited to transporting the wide variety of heavy construction plant transports used by AJ Brunt Ltd. The vehicle will be transporting equipment across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe for AJ Brunt.

The haulage company require trailers that have the ability to handle a range of plant in different shapes and sizes. Andover has been working with the company for more than two decades in order to manufacture and deliver trailers to meet these requirements. The body and trailer manufacturing business listens to AJ Brunt’s needs before offering a range of different solutions to their problems and the construct a trailer that is able to carry out the work required by the hauliers. It is this exceptional service from Andover that has maintained the business relationship between the two companies.

The step frame if a new addition to AJ Brunt Ltd’s trailer fleet and joins five other Andover models already being used by the company. The other Andover trailers in the fleet are either step frames or semi-sloping trailers. The new trailer that has been supplied also has a full-width powerlifting neck ramp, a new feature for AJ Brunt that will allow the company to make the loading and unloading process safer and more efficient.

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