AFCO Announce First Webinar and Election in November

AFCO Announce First Webinar and Election in November

The UK’s premier fleet decision-maker’s organisation, ACFO will be hosting their first webinar as a progression into a more digital era. The company will be holding the webinar alongside an election post of regional chairman.

Both of these events will take place on Friday, the 24th November. The webinar will illustrate a number of key issues that are having an impact on fleets after the Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond Budget Statement. The AFCO election will follow the organisation’s announcement of a series of changes that are expected to improve information offered to existing members and hopefully attract more members.

The Budget 2017 webinar will take place 48 hours after the Chancellor’s Statement and will be hosted by the AFCO Deputy Chairman, Caroline Sandall. This webinar will allow the organisation’s members an opportunity to obtain a thorough insight into all of the announcements that will have an impact on fleet operations. On top of this, the event will create a space for members to ask questions as to how specific government decisions will have an effect on their fleet operations.

It is thought that the webinar planned for November will be the first in a series that will continue through 2018 to allow AFCO members a platform filled with up-to-date information without having to leave their desks. This means that eh new platform will feature vital announcements by legislators in Europe, Whitehall and at a local government level as well as offering insight on how the measures being announced will impact fleet operations. The webinar platform will also be used next year for spring and autumn regional briefing updates.

However, despite the development of the new webinar offering, the AFCO will still be holding their twice a year and day-long seminars for members to attend, and considered to be a central networking event in their members’ calendars.

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