3G Wi-Fi In-Car Routers From In-CarPC Help Jaguar Land Rover / Team Sky, Bradford Swissport And The Scottish Government Maximise Efficiency


3G Wi-Fi In-Car Routers From In-CarPC Help Jaguar Land Rover / Team Sky, Bradford Swissport And The Scottish Government Maximise Efficiency

In-CarPC, a specialist manufacturer of high quality and cost-effective vehicle computers, added in-vehicle 3G Wi-Fi routers to its range several years ago to meet the needs of clients.  These are ideally suited for organisations that use applications where a mobile device is more appropriate than a fixed in-vehicle computer.

Providing devices with much more robust 3G connectivity than relying on the device’s built-in modem, an in-vehicle Wi-Fi router has become an important piece of equipment for a number of organisations that utilise devices that have to be used both in and out of vehicles.

The need for strong and consistent 3G connectivity was a key factor in the decision by Jaguar Land Rover to fit 3G Wi-Fi in-car routers from In-CarPC for use in some of Team Sky’s XF Sportbrakes for use during the 2013 Tour de France.  The 3G routers supplied and fitted by In-CarPC helped the Team make the strategic and tactical decisions they are required to make quickly and easily.

Reliable internet connectivity was a key driver behind Bradford Swissport’s decision to install in-vehicle 3G Wi-Fi routers in their fleet of delivery trucks at Heathrow Airport.  The routers are used to provide internet access via Wi-Fi to handheld devices which upload and download tracking data, receive notifications of pickups and returns, and carry out messaging.

In the same year as the installations for Jaguar Land Rover and Bradford Swissport, Marine Scotland (Scottish Government) approached In-CarPC to provide an in-vehicle 3G router solution to assist Fisheries Officers in their roles.

In-CarPC’s team installed a high-gain Wi-Fi antenna on the car’s roof, in addition to dual 3G antennas, providing internet access to the Fishery Officers’ tablet devices despite the remote nature of the Scottish coastline and the tablets being used some distance away from the vehicle.

Marine Scotland’s Project Manager said “Connecting via the router installed by In-CarPC nearly always results in better performance than using the tablet’s built-in 3G connection, and in some locations the router provides connectivity when the tablet’s built-in 3G connection doesn’t work at all.  The range of the Wi-Fi network has been particularly impressive – as long as we have line-of-sight to the car we are routinely able to connect to the router even when standing up to 200m away.”

David Hitchings, Managing Director at In-CarPC, said “We are delighted that our in-vehicle 3G routers are helping such a wide range of clients to improve their business processes and ultimately improve results.”

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