Westminster Waste Ltd Announced That They Have Ordered a New Vehicle

Westminster Waste Ltd Announced That They Have Ordered a New Vehicle

Westminster Waste Ltd, the London based waste company has announced that they have ordered a new vehicle to be used to collect refuse. The vehicle will be the third in the company’s fleet to be installed with equipment for bin weighing. It is thought that this new vehicle will be an addition to the pay by weight service that has been operated by Westminster Waste.

The first vehicle of its kind was taken delivery of by the company last year. The Refuse Collection Vehicle is a Euro 6 DAF CF 440 fax 8X2 chassis that has been installed with the Enviroweigh bin-weighing system. This system has been created by Vehicle Weighing Solutions Ltd. The Enviroweigh system is known for being accurate and has passed the tests that allow it to be use as part of the Pay By Weight services. The company then took on a second vehicle that was also capable of weighing the refuse was bought by Westminster Waste in order to keep up to the company’s ambitions of improving their fleet.

Westminster Waste is in the middle of carrying out vehicle replacements in order to upgrade their fleet so that it consists of the latest Euro 6 model tucks. It is thought that the adoption of the Enviroweigh vehicles has been really helpful for the London waste removal company. The Vehicle Weighing Solutions equipment has allowed the business to keep track of the information they process as there is the capacity to upload the weight information onto the company’s office systems in order to offer their customers a speedy and accurate delivery of information.

The Enviroweigh system also has a number of other features incorporated into it, such as CCTV attached onto the vehicle and also other telematics systems that means there is a capability for remote monitoring of the vehicle. The Enviroweigh operations also offer real-time solutions to issues such as queries regarding uncollected bins as well as rerouting a truck in cases where an urgent collection is required.

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