Valeo Service New Sensors and New Range Release

Valeo Service New Sensors and New Range Release

Valeo Service has announced that they will be continuing with the expansion of their wide product portfolio. The company has illustrated this commitment to expansion with the launch of a new range of air mass flow meters and a releasing 221 Engine Management systems sensors that are suitable for installation on passenger cars.

Valeo’s clever improvements to their portfolio allows the company to continue to be a one stop shop and supplier that allows them to help distributors and their network of clients. Valeo is a specialist in global powertrain sensors and has been in operation for more than 40 years. The company focuses on supplying the Independent Aftermarket with the provision of a high quality sensor range.

This sensor range has been expanded by the introduction of 221 new sensors, of which 51 references have been categorised as air mass flowmeters, which is a new category of sensor. Valeo now offers more than 250 references which cover 7 different categories of Engine Management Systems.

The business’ product line has been expanded in line with their new Valeo Service “We Care 4 You – Trust the Specialist” strategy which focuses in providing a rich portfolio which helps their partners improve their efficiency. This new product release of 221 new engine management systems includes 120 crankshaft sensors, 50 camshaft sensors and 51 new air mass flow meters which have been measured at 100% OE quality. The products are suitable for high runner applications to be used by main car manufacturers of passenger cars. The new sensors are suitable for use on a wide range of makes and models of vehicle including the 1999-2010 Fiat Punto, the Peugeot 206 models from 1998, the Fiat 500 from 2007, Renault Clio II from 1998 onwards, the 1996 – 2007 Renault Twingo I, and the 2003 – 2008 Volkswagen Golf V to name just a small selection.

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