Valeo Service Announced They Have Launched a Campaign in the UK

Valeo Service Announced They Have Launched a Campaign in the UK

Valeo Service has announced that they have launched a campaign in the UK That will explore the number of different key benefits of their commercial vehicle clutch friction material. Valeo is a well known automotive supplier that works as a partner to a range of different automakers around the world.

The technology company has proposed a range of different innovative products and systems that all contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions as well as the development of more intuitive driving.

Valeo is also a leading Original Equipment supplier of clutches. The company’s friction material that has been developed is a key element for making sure that users are able to get the most comfort and thermal resistance possible when using the equipment.

The Valeo F510™ has been known for showing an exceptionally high level of robustness that means the product is well suited for manual and heavy duty applications that all work to limit the Total Cost of Ownership. The material that is used by Valeo is the standard friction material used in clutch kits from manual transmission. However Valeo use material with excellent levels of friction coefficient and thermal resistance as well as the best-in-class fade resistance and material that has great wear behaviour that all leads to a limited loss of clutch driven plate thickness.

It is also thought that Valeo’s F830™ smart choice of robotised transmission. This product leads to a reduction of the judder effect and high burst strength. It is thought that the friction materials that are used by Valeo are lead-free, organic solvent free and aramid free as well. The materials are also both accompanied by cutting edge damper capacity and are also associated with a tailored cover assembly and release bearings with means that fleet operators can make significant maintenance gains as well as improving the durability and reliability of the fleet.

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