Valeo Release New Catalogue

Valeo Release New Catalogue

Valeo has released their new 2017/2018 edition of the clutch PC LCV catalogue that is dedicated to the independent aftermarket. This new edition of the catalogue illustrates the passenger cars and LCV applications for all of the Valeo’s aftermarket products that have been released in August 2017.

Valeo is an automotive supplier for a range of automakers operating around the world. Valeo works to develop new products and systems that can lead to a drop in CO2 emissions and the developments being made into intuitive driving.

Demonstrated in the catalogue is the full Valeo offering of over 3,000 transmission products. Among these products are clutch kits, DMF, passive hydraulic actuation product and a range of spare parts. Valeo Service offers aftermarket products for the widest European car park coverage of clutch products. The range on offer by the company is constantly expanding, and more than 300 new products are released each year.

The new technological developments made by Valeo have also been included into the 2017/18 edition of the Clutch PC LCV. Innovations such as the DMF with an inner-damper and the hydraulic CSC tailored for sequential gearboxes have been designed specifically designed for the aftermarket. The Valeo Service aftermarket product ranges have been depicted in the new catalogue through a range of specific pictograms ideal for use by distributors and garagists.

Another feature of the catalogue is a list of vehicles that have been organised in relation to their engines, gearboxes, dates and a range of other technical limitations and a collection of Valeo references for aftermarket products that have been designed to adapt to those configurations. The catalogue also has a number of other useful sections that can help to find the right parts and combinations for a particular vehicle. There is a buyer’s guide featuring all detailed and technical characteristics as well as 45 pages of high resolution pictures.

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