Toolstation Has Commissioned a New Livery for Their Fleet

Toolstation Has Commissioned a New Livery for Their Fleet

Toolstation has commissioned a new livery for their fleet. The company have decided to invest in the new liveries in order to improve the tools and equipment supplier’s brand presence. Toolstation have applied these new liveries on to 34 of their trucks.

The rebranding exercise took six weeks to install all 34 new liveries on to their fleet and required a team of skilled technicians working for RGVA to carry out the work. The toolstation fleet are supplied through a contract with the logistics provider Howard Tenens. The logistics provider own and operate the fleet vehicles which are now decked out in the yellow and blue colours of the tool suppliers. These new branded vehicles will replace the vehicles supplied by Howard Tenens livery previously supplied to Toolstation.

The Group Commercial Manager for Howard Tenens, Beth O’Neil, has expressed the importance for companies that vehicles have and the role that they can play in expanding brand awareness. Toolstation are also said to be a vital client for the logistics solutions provider, therefore working with them to adapt their fleet with the new livery was vital to maintaining a strong working relationship with the tool and equipment supplying business.

The vehicles that have been involved in the new rebranding are nine DAF XF105 tractor units, thirteen DAF CF75 26-tonne rigid trucks including curtainside and box variations of the model, and twelve other trailers. The new livery was crafted through the use of a range of vinyl application techniques such as cab wraps, trailer graphics and new curtain designs in order to get the most professional loof for Toolstation.

RGVA were chose to carry out this work as they are Gold-tier 3M™ Select Graphic Specialists. The company were also able to offer the logistics provider the 3M Matched Component system warranty that guarantees the quality of the materials and their application, meaning that the  vehicles should stay looking fresh and professional.

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