Microlise Introduce Live Digital Tachograph Modes

Microlise Introduce Live Digital Tachograph Modes


Microlise Introduce Live Digital Tachograph Modes

Microlise, the leading Transport Management and Telematics provider, have introduced a Live Digital Tachograph modes view to their solution, enabling a better understanding of a driver’s real-time working status.

Microlise have supported Driver ID and the remote downloading of Vehicle and Driver Card data for some time by connecting their Telematics / Tracking unit to the Digital Tachograph in the cab. This proved invaluable, providing information on who is driving and when and a simple way to download tachograph data for analysis remotely.

Now, the telematics unit, which is designed and manufactured by Microlise, reports the current mode switch information in real-time. The Microlise server then provides a summary of how much time a driver has spent in each mode for the day or selected period and what their current status is.

Microlise customers are able to use this live information to understand the real-time working status of their drivers and their availability to do additional work, such as an unplanned collections or back-haul. Microlise’s Live Digital Tachograph gives managers and planners the information they need to make better decisions whilst remaining compliant.

Matt Hague, Product Strategy Director at Microlise, comments, “Feedback from our customers has been really positive on this latest enhancement, as it gives them yet another dimension of visibility over and above tracking, driving style and vehicle health data”.

Hague also added, “We believe Microlise are one of the first to bring a comprehensive live digital tacho modes solution to market. Other suppliers in the market say they offer live modes, but market feedback suggests some vendors have data issues depending upon the version of the tacho they are connecting to. This has seen the algorithm as to how mode state durations are calculated change – which in turn can present accuracy issues. We also know of a telematics vendor who have marketed a tacho modes solution but actually deliver a ‘live state’ solution by asking the driver to select a mode state on a separate terminal in the cab –  as well as change the mode switch on the tachograph. This is prone to error and incurrs unnecessary cost as far as we were concerned”.

“Consequently, we’ve invested a significant amount of time and effort in our solution, along with comprehensive field trials, so we can be confident we have delivered a live modes solution which provides accurate information, regardless of digital tacho versions, requires no additional actions from the driver or costly equipment and integrates with both Continental and Stoneridge tachos.”

Live Modes from the digital tacho is available in the latest version of the Microlise Fleet & Distribution solution suite.

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