Stoneridge Electronics Manufactures Millionth Tachograph

Stoneridge Electronics Manufactures Millionth Tachograph

Stoneridge Electronics have manufactured their one millionth digital tachograph. The company first began production on their SE5000 in 2006, a time where technology was nowhere near as advanced. Now, eleven years later, in 2017, the industry has become more and more technologically advanced. Throughout the years, Stoneridge has made sure that their digital tachographs have advanced in order to offer drivers the best solution.

The company created their millionth unit at their facility in Örebo, Sweden and it will be installed on a new DAF Truck. Over the years the company has adapted their tachographs in order to meet new regulations such as the ‘one-minute rule and ‘Driver Decision support’. Both of these services allow drivers to optimise their time on the road. Another adaptation that has been added includes the Working Time Directive Calculations.

With the emergence of mobile Apps used by drivers and fleet managers, as well as other remote download systems, Stoneridge is able to offer event more support to their drivers through their SE5000 digital tachographs.

Stoneridge is known for designing and producing a range of highly engineered electronic components, modules and systems to be used by commercial drivers and fleet managers. Stoneridge has worked hard over the years in order to develop a reputation for being innovative while still creating reliable products. Stoneridge creates a range of products other than their digital tachographs, including instrument clusters, telematics systems and security systems that have been tailored for the automotive industry.

Stoneridge are celebrating this milestone in their manufacturing, but are also looking forward to the next million units, and the upcoming legislation changes such as the IC legislation, due to be implemented in 2019. The company will be looking to continually support their drivers and continue to provide innovative products and services to be utilised in the automotive industry.

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