STI Freight Management Expands LTL Service

STI Freight Management Expands LTL Service

STI Freight Management is looking to grow their less-than-truckload, or LTL transport services. As a part of this expansion, there will be two LTL transports taking place for the movement of frozen goods each week. These services will operate from North Rhine Westphalia in Germany. The company will also be carrying out logistics operations from the Netherlands to Spain.

All of the transport routes operated by STI Freight Management have fixed departure times, as the company guarantee the fastest possible transportation service for deliveries. The ideal amount of cargo to ensure this rapid delivery is between one and six pallets. STI’s clients are looking for a logistics company that can deliver a fast, reliable and flexible service. The company have tailored their LTL services in order to make sure that they meet the high standards of the food and pharmaceutical industry.

STI Freight Management can deliver to the Ruhr Area of Madrid in three days. This guaranteed delivery time is close to the time taken by more expensive courier services. This delivery time offers them a competitive edge in the market of transport and logistics.

STI uses their own fleet to carry out LTL operations for frozen goods. The vehicles have been fitted with a digital tracking and tracing systems that ensures throughout the supply chain, the products are controlled exactly. There are also monitors in the trailers to consistently record the temperatures, making sure that the temperature throughout transportation is kept at the required level. Fitted in the vehicle as well is also a GPS-driven system that can alert the driver as well as the expeditor of any temperature changes so that adjustments can be made.

STI are also looking to expand their European LTL Network further for all of their temperature categories. This LTL service offers food producers and dealers the possibility to book more flexible freight and also offer the option of a shorter lead time. This service also leads to cost reductions, with a price per pallet offered as opposed to a full load delivery.

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