Steve Stanton Joins Asset Alliance as Head of Sales for Total Traffic Management

Steve Stanton Joins Asset Alliance as Head of Sales for Total Traffic Management

Steve Stanton has been appointed to the position of Head of Sales for Asset Alliance. The Asset Alliance Group is an innovative business group operating in the commercial vehicle market. Steve Stanton will be stepping into the role of Head of Sales for the Group’s Total Traffic Management division.

Total Traffic Management was a division that was formed by Asset Alliance in June 2017 after a £3 million investment in the acquisition of 170 specialist vehicles leased to customers by the Hull based bodybuilding company Martin Williams. The new Total Traffic Management arm of the vehicle group will supply operators with access to a fleet of mainly 3.5, 7.4, 18 and 26-tonne vehicles, including vehicles that are equipped to be used for all aspects of traffic management such as cone laying and collection as well as workforce protection and vehicle signposting.

The Traffic division has acquired one of the best fleets for traffic management available, and the Total Traffic Management is now prepared and looking to invest further in new vehicles that will allow the company to meet the demand for their vehicles. Asset Alliance entering this smaller traffic sector is also great news, as it means that the companies operating in this sector will be able to make the most of the purchasing power of the company. Asset Alliance, through their new division, will be able to supply new intelligent fleet management systems which will allow users to reduce the cost of vehicle operations, ensure compliance and deliver the highest possible fleet safety.

Steve Stanton has taken on the Head of Sales role which will allow him to have an input in Total Traffic Management from the very beginning, which is an exciting prospect. The niche expansion could also be beneficial for Asset Alliance Group in the future.

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