Sphero Renamed Under Valeo Thermal Commercial Vehicles

Sphero Renamed Under Valeo Thermal Commercial Vehicles

Sphero was first acquired by Valeo in March 2016. Now the company will be operating under the Valeo Thermal Commercial Vehicles. This renaming has taken place in order to further integrate the acquired business into the Valeo Group. Sphero is a technologically leading company in the bus air conditioning and heating systems. As a part of the renaming process the company will also receive a new visual identity.

Valeo Group and Sphero have made the rebranding announcement in order to inform all customers and business partners of the change in name. The company will be appearing for the first time under the Valeo banner in October at this year’s Busworld Europe Exhibition which will take place in Kortrijk, Belgium

Valeo the automotive supplies company is a partner to a range of automakers worldwide. In terms of technology advancement, Valeo works to propose a range of unique and innovative solutions which could help to reduce the levels of CO2 emissions seen by this sector. The company also works to improve technology that will develop intuitive driving.

While Sphero will no longer trade under this name, the company will continue to deliver the same focus on delivering reliable bus products as well as furthering the advancement of future technologies and a range of other daily market issues in order to offer solutions for their customers. The new name for the company is beneficial to Valeo’s strategy, which focuses on CO2 emissions, mainly through the electrification of vehicles and the expansion into markets with a high growth potential.

Through the combination of Sphero and Valeo Thermal Commercial Vehicles and the expertise on offer from the larger Valeo Thermal Systems team, the company will have their market leadership increased. The company will now work in the development of Bus heating and air conditioning systems, roof hatches and smart electronic control units.

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