Siemens Postal welcomes new Chief Digitalization Officer

Siemens Postal Welcomes New Chief Digitalization Officer

Giant German corporation Siemens has witnessed the all new growth and prosperity of the digitalization era that many other businesses like itself are investing more and more into. The ongoing prosperity and ability of the Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics Team is all subjected to the ongoing efforts of the company to keep up with the speedy race of technology and the future of the enterprise on the digital platform. This is a particularly pressing issue for a global enterprise as large and progressive as Siemens, who will need to build on their appropriation of the digitalization logistics in order to retain their position as one of the most successful companies in the world. In order to continue with this ongoing advancement in technology, the powers that be at Siemens have decided to enrol Frauke Heistermann as their new Chief Digitization Officer.

With over two decades of know-how in the logistics sector, managing teams as well as Information Technology and the process of digitalization itself, Frauke Heistermann is clearly a solidly experienced individual who knows exactly what she is doing and will bring added energy and enthusiasm to the new logistics role that she has been commissioned to undertake. Having been one of the founding members of the AXIT AG company, which was recently acquired by SSPAL and is now known as AXIT GmbH, Frauke Heistermann is also a very respected ember of the BLV (or German Logistics Association).

Her wide range of knowledge and expertise will be essential to ensure that the future of the company’s logistical development side remains as up to date with the digital world around it as possible and her ability to have worked in so many logistics departments makes her an ideal candidate for the position. It is hoped that through this Siemens logistics will be able to increase and thrive in the digitalization era.

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