Shell Introduced New Online Platform Called 'Fluid Thinking'

Shell Introduced New Online Platform Called ‘Fluid Thinking’

Shell has introduced a new online platform called ‘Fluid Thinking’ in order to support fleet management when trying to improve their efficiency. The fuel company have released their platform as it allows fleet managers to keep track of the latest developments in the industry and their benefits. There will also be tips on how the fleet managers can deal with issues related to this sector as well as advice to improve the wellbeing of their drivers.

In order to optomise the efficiency of their efficiency, fleet managers are encouraged to use ‘Fluid Thinking’ by Shell. The increase in new technology, legislation and changing consumer demands means that there are constantly rapid changes in the industry that fleet managers need to keep on top of. The Fuel company’s new platform intends to be a one-stop platform in order to give mangers the information they need to stay up to date with the latest developments in the easiest and most efficient way.

This information hub focuses on making it easier for fleet managers to keep up with such a changing industry. The hub combines industry information from Shell as well as other third party experts in the industry. The platform will consist of information delivered through articles, Q&As and video content. This allows a diverse way of getting across news of the latest developments to their audience in a format most suitable to them.

The information on the site will all be publically available however, Shell will also offer an opportunity to register to ‘Fluid Thinking’ in order to gain access to supplementary content and also have the ability to subscribe to regular updates sent by email. These updates will include newly released content and recommended reads to the subscriber. This will make the platform even more tailored to the user. Subscribing to Shell’s new platform will be free and will allow the ability to personalise the content the user has access to.

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