Sam Clark Appointed as Head of Programmes for Transaid

Sam Clark Appointed as Head of Programmes for Transaid

Sam Clark has been appointed as the new Head of Programmes for Transaid, the international development organisation. Sam has been appointed in order to replace Caroline Barber, who has been promoted from this role to Chief Executive. Caroline’s promotion took place in August this year.

Sam has 20 years of experience working in a range of community-based development programmes on behalf of a number of non-governmental organisations in Malawi, Tanzania and South Africa. The international development organisation has will benefit from Sam’s experience working on a variety of overseas projects.

Joining Transaid in 2013 as Programme Support Manager, one of the most notable projects worked on by Sam Clark is ongoing, with Sam playing a pivotal role in the Professional Driver Training-Uganda project. So far, this project is the largest externally funded road safety programme carried out by Transaid. During his time as Programme Support Manager, Sam Clark was responsible for offering support in the field as well as carrying out quality assurance and offering technical assistance for a range of Transaid programmes.

Sam has expressed his excitement at the promotion to Head of Programmes, and is happy to be a part of Trainsaid’s commitment to making the biggest impact possible across the widest range of people. As part of his new role with the development organisation, Sam will be expected to spend three months in the field each year and spend his time across five different countries in which Transaid currently has projects: Madagascar, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

Commenting on her replacement, the new Chief Executive, Caroline Barber has commended Sam’s dedication to the company which has led to this promotion. Sam has developed a reputation for going the extra mile and displaying passion in everything he does. No doubt Sam will be an asset to Transaid as they continue to carry out their life-saving work.

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