Richard Gutsell’s New Role at Palletline

Palletline, the best member-owned Palletised freight distribution company in the UK has announced that they have made a new appointment. The company, which works towards delivering pallet distribution services which as both dependable and value for money has revealed that they have appointed a their former Head of Hubs to the board. Palletline has stated that Richard Gutsell will be the Operations Director.

In his new role, Richard Gutsell will be overseeing the hub operations for the company. Richard’s other duties will be to manage and make sure that the company’s network service quality and IT infrastructure is at its best. Richard first joined Palletline in 2015 after leaving City Link. Richard will be bringing a wealth of knowledge in to this new role as Operations Director. Over the past two years while he has been working at Palletline, Richard has been working make Palletline’s hub capabilities more efficient. It is thought that the consolidation work will allow the company to stay competitive within thee Transport market.

Palletline is dedicated to keeping their position at the top of the UK market of pallet networks in order to make sure that the members of the network experience the best service. As Richard has already managed to implement significant changes during his time at Palletline, therefore he is considered to be more than capable for this new position as well as his place on the Board.

Palletline is completely member owned, therefore it is vital that the company deliver the best experience for those members. Through the reshaping that was headed by Richard, the company has managed to improve in order to become a market leading network, and has therefore attracted more new members. Having already benefitted for Richard Gutsell’s input, hopefully while carrying out this new role, he will be able to bring more success to the company in the future.

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