Parcel Hero Pleased With Theresa May's Brexit Proposal in Florence

Parcel Hero Pleased With Theresa May’s Brexit Proposal in Florence

Last Week, Prime Minister Theresa May gave a speech in to the European Union leaders at a gathering in Florence. At this meeting she set out her intentions in regards to Brexit negotiations. As a part of this speech, the Prime Minister proposed a transition deal that could keep the UK in the single market for as long as two years after leaving the European Union. ParcelHero has announced that this is the right stance to take in regards to Brexit and will offer UK exporters assistance.

The international parcel broker, Parcel Hero has praised the proposal made by Theresa May in Florence, although no specifics were included. A number of political commentators have also reacted to the speech which could see a final agreement costing up to £18 billion for a continued membership to the single market for two years after the UK officially leave the EU. The head of Consumer research at ParcelHero, David Jinks has said that the speech in Florence has been intended to unblock the stagnant negotiations at the moment and demonstrates a glimmer of hope for British exporters as well as everyone who ships items into the EU.

However, ParcelHero has also said that a two-year transition is the bare minimum that would be required by UK exporters in order to ensure that they can get their plans and systems ready to implement as well as a chance to react to the increased costs and red tape that will be put in place after the UK leave the EU market. It is thought that a number of different British exporters are in favour of a rolling approach which will benefit the more practical solutions for business as opposed to ideological clean breaks.

On top of this, the insinuation that £18 billion could be paid for two year’s access to the single market could be good value for companies and will lead to a significantly smoother customs transition

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