O'Donovan Is Currently Trying Out a New Remote Control Sheeting System

O’Donovan Is Currently Trying Out a New Remote Control Sheeting System

The waste disposal company, O’Donovan is one of the leading construction and demolition waste management companies in London. The Waste Disposal and Logistics company was found in 1959 and is a family run company that works towards the safe, green, efficient waste operations in London. O’Donovan is currently trying out a new remote control sheeting system that has been designed for the benefit for vulnerable road users.

The company has worked with Transcover which is a sheeting manufacturers who have designed and installed their UnderCover sheeting system to an O’Donovan Waste hookloader. This is part of an attempt to take cyclists into consideration as well as other more vulnerable road users of the narrow roads around London.

The UnderCover system works by sitting neatly under the body of the vehicle when the vehicle is both covered and uncovered. This means that there is no width added to the vehicle while travelling which has been a challenge with vehicle sheeting systems in the past. The stowed position of the system means that it is perfect for vehicles that are travelling on the narrower roads of the capital city. On these narrower roads, vehicles that don’t adopt this new system could put pedestrians and cyclists at risk as the vehicle could end up being wider than 255cm. Community safety is also considered using the UnderCover system because loads can be covered safely from ground level.

The UnderCover sheeting system is a step forward to improving the roads around London for vulnerable road users and O’Donovan’s Waste Logistics drivers that have to navigate the increasingly narrow roads. It is thought that other more conventional sheeting systems can obscure the view of the driver when the look down the side of the vehicle through their mirrors. This new system will mean that O’Donovan’s drivers will be able to see clearly and will reduce the risk for vulnerable road users, meaning that the new sheeting system is a valuable investment.

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