NOVUS Has Been Named Part of the Shortlist for the Training Team

NOVUS Has Been Named Part of the Shortlist for the Training Team

NOVUS has been named as part of the shortlist for the Training Team of the Year 2017. NOVUS is the partnership that has been formed between a number of leading companies and the University of Huddersfield. The partnership has been created in order to develop the future professionals of the supply chain.

The team has been shortlisted as part of the Talent in Logistics Awards. The winner of the awards will be announced at an event that will take place on the 22nd of June 2017. The awards ceremony will be held at the Telford International Centre. The event will be hosted by Tim Vine the stand-up comedian. The purpose of the Talent in Logistics Awards 2017 is to celebrate the work of people in the logistics industry. The Awards recognise the individuals in the industry that work hard or deserve recognition for their contributions. The people eligible for the Awards range from apprentices in the industry to LGV drivers as well as those in office based positions such as HR managers and logistics managers.

It is a great credit to the students and sponsors and other members of NOVUS who have been shortlisted for the Training Team of the Year as part of the Talent in Logistics annual awards. The shortlisting is an accolade to the group and will also lead to a great deal of coverage as the first group within the partnership are preparing to graduate this year. These graduates will be progressing to guaranteed jobs acquired through the partnership.

NOVUS is a partnership that offers graduates solutions for the gap in skills and shortfall in talent that has been experienced in the logistics industry.  NOVUS is an organisation that received sponsorship from a number of different industry partners in order to provide an educational initiative. NOVUS has offered a 4 Year Logistic and Supply Chain BA and Bsc degree courses which cover a wide range of topics and improves the skills of those entering the supply chain market looking for work.

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