NOVUS and Business on the Move Partner Up

NOVUS and Business on the Move Partner Up

NOVUS has announced a partnership with Business on the Move as part of a plan to increase commitment to industry education. NOVUS is a degree scheme for the logistics and supply chain sector that guarantees successful graduates a job at the end of the scheme. Business on the Move is an innovative supply chain board game.

As part of the partnership, NOVUS has sponsored the ‘Rules’ card for the board game, and has also become incorporated into the game play with their own NOVUS ‘Skills’ cards. In the game, these cards allow the players to become a NOVUS sponsor. In real life, these sponsors are an important part of shaping degree courses and offering NOVUS students mentoring opportunities as well as work experience and jobs after the completion of their course.

As part of the partnership that has been formed between NOVUS and Business on Move, NOVUS will also be helping Business on the Move with their school engagement plans and social media activities. NOVUS has been great for students looking for a career in the logistics industry, and has also helped to bring the attention of the younger generation to the industry and opportunities available.

The partnership should hopefully help to promote the industry in order to address a significant skills gap as well; as the shortfall of graduate talent in the logistics sector. Through the work of Business on the Move young people are being taught about the importance of the supply chain as well as the complexity involved. The aim of the board game is to move go0ods from one side of the world to their customers on the other side of the world through the use of the land, air and sea logistics network. The players have to make this journey in the cheapest, fastest and most sustainable way they can.

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