Masabi Launch Account Based Ticketing Capabilities

Masabi Launch Account Based Ticketing Capabilities

Masabi has revealed Account-Based Ticketing capabilities on the Justride Platform at the APTA Expo 2017. The event took place in Atlanta and this new capability could mean that riders would no longer require a ticket before boarding. The new Account-Based system would work by allowing the user to select a stored value on their own Justride account, allowing them to pay after the journey has been taken, and making sure that they get the best possible price.

Masabi focuses on delivering transit ticketing solutions that can be beneficial to customers as well as reducing the cost to agencies and operators. The Justride system that has been developed by Masabi is a cloud based platform that merges account based and pre-pay ticketing into a single and configurable solution that means that agencies can deploy a platform for users that offers a future proof way to process specialist transit payments.

The new system that has been developed by Masabi will be available on a full range of fare models such as flat, time-based, distance and zonal based fares. This more flexible solution allows for a variety of fare types as well as pre-pay and account-based tickets. The ticketing capabilities can also be fully configurable in real-time in order to deliver the most flexible service for agencies to use.

Once this Account-Based Ticketing solution by Masabi is put into use on other modes of transport, more urban mobility providers and connecting services can be added. These possible additional services can support a MaaS offering which is beneficial for a city where the public transit agency is at its core. With this focus on public transit, agencies will then be able to offer true first/last mile experiences for all passengers linked to their transit system.

Justride is a Software-as-a-Service offering, which means that the use of an account for ticketing will allow all customers who have chosen Justride Inspect which is Masabi’s ticket validation service. The Justride Inspect service allows the benefits for Account-Based Ticketing to be distributed in a quick and efficient manner.

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