MAHLE Launch New Bearing Range to Aftermarket

MAHLE Launch New Bearing Range to Aftermarket

MAHLE Motorsport has announced that they have launched their new High Performance Racing Bearings catalogue for potential buyers to access in the aftermarket. The portfolio includes a number of different parts, including a range of makes and models such as BMW Mini Cooper, Cosworth, Mitsubishi, Rover and Vauxhall. The MAHLE Motorsport includes a range of bearings which can contain the technology that has been transferred from MAHLE’s F1 bearing technology.

The MAHLE Motorsport range of bearings that have been added to the company’s product portfolio features technology that has been developed by MAHLE and transferred from their MAHLE F1 bearing technology. All of the bearings are of Original Equipment quality which offers a guarantee of the manufacturer’s warranty which will remain valid and offer replacement parts to perform to the same standard of the original.

The bearings produced for MAHLE’s Aftermarket catalogue are manufactured at the company’s race bearing facility which is located in Kilmarnock. The bearings for this new aftermarket offering are created to the same material specification as the products used in Formula 1, Le Mans, NASCAR and MotoGP.

The Managing Director of MAHLE, Jonathan Walker has said that this new catalogue release is an illustration of MAHLE Motorsport racing expertise while also demonstrating the company’s commitment to bringing their products, and a wider range of high performance parts forward to the aftermarket. The business’ connection to the motorsport world has been formed over decades, with MAHLE being an active developer and system partner in the international racing world. The bearing division of MAHLE Motorsport used to be called Vandervell and has a proud heritage in motorsport that reaches back to the Vanwall Grand Prix cars which were racing in the 1950s. Even in the sporting world today, every premium racing series around the world uses MAHLE Motorsport.

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