Logistics UK Launches Partnership with AEB to Aid Business with Customs Processes

Logistics UK Launches Partnership with AEB to Aid Business with Customs Processes

With only two months until the end of the Brexit transition period, Logistics UK, the business group representing the logistics sector, has launched an exclusive partnership with experts in customs declarations AEB, to help members prepare for new trading conditions with the EU.

As Al Richardson, Head of Membership at Logistics UK explains, the partnership will provide member organisations that will need to make customs declarations from 1 January 2021 with discounted access to AEB’s easy-to-use software platform, reducing administrative time and making it easier to process goods as they transit to and from the EU:

“For many businesses trading with the EU, the new trading conditions from 1 January will be the first time that they have ever had to make customs declarations – our exclusive partnership with customs experts AEB aims to remove the anxiety and unfamiliarity which this could cause and facilitate a smooth, easy transit for goods to EU customers, saving members time and money in the process.”

Logistics UK members are being offered a lifetime 5% discount on the price of AEB’s four award-winning software packages, which can be used to speed up customs declarations by making them online before the goods leave their point of origin. A seven stage online step-by-step process guides users through the process, while the platform can be scaled up or down according to the size of the export business. Users are supported by easy-to-follow operational videos online and have access to support and help online and on the telephone. More information can be sourced here: www.logistics.org.uk/customsdeclarationsoftware 

“At a time when there is still much to be agreed about the UK’s future relationship with the EU, Logistics UK has been urging members to prepare as much as possible ahead of the 31 December deadline,” continues Richardson. “Customs declarations will be required whether or not the UK reaches a free trade agreement with the EU, and by taking advantage of the AEB offer for Logistics UK members now, exporters can cross this area off their to do list as they prepare for our new relationship with the EU. We are committed to helping Britain continue trading smoothly with the EU from the end of the year and this new partnership will undoubtedly smooth the path to continued EU / UK trade in the future for those who take advantage of it.”

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