Kimberly Karlshoej Announced That She Will Be Stepping Down

Kimberly Karlshoej Announced That She Will Be Stepping Down

Kimberly Karlshoej has announced that she will be stepping down from her role as the head of the charity arm of the International Transport Workers’ Federation. Kimberley has been working as the head of the ITF Seafarers Trust and when she has stepped down from her current role it has been announced that she will be taking on a consultancy role at the Federation.

Kimberly first started working for the federation at the end of 2014. In her previous role, she was the director and programme officer of the TK Foundation for a number of Years. Kimberley also has experience working as a consultant for a number of different maritime charities.

While working at the ITF Seafarers Trust, Kimberley has managed to revitalise the Trust and make their practices and operations more modern. Kimberly Karlshoej has brought a wealth of experience to her role as as head of the Trust and her passion for the maritime industry, especially seafarers in the industry, has allowed to Trust to be more proactive. Kimberly’s knowledge, experience and passion for the industry has also allowed the Trust to become more proactive with their grant-making which has been used to support projects beneficial to maritime workers and their families as well as the wider maritime community. Kimberly Karlshoej has delivered a number of presentations that have both challenged and inspired those in the industry to improve the lives of seafarers around the world.

The ITF Seafarers Trust has expressed their gratitude for the work that has been put in by Kimberly over the years and is thrilled that she has chosen to stay on as a consultant after she has resigned. For now the new acting head of the Trust will be Tomas Abrahamsson will be the head of the Trust. Tomas has spent a number of years as an elected officer of SEKO, a Swedish union.

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