Kalmar Launch New Kalmar Key Platform

Kalmar Launch New Kalmar Key Platform

Kalmar has introduced a Kalmar Key, which is an initiative to improve the terminal industry’s first automations platform with open interfaces. Kalmer is a part of Cargotec and has provided a common system architecture through their new release of the Kalmar Key in order to offer users an end-to-end customised automation platform.

The new Kalmar Key initiative has been built using the Kalmar Terminal Logistics System as a basis with the aim to create a joint ecosystem to ensure the consistent development of the industry. The company have created this new platform to allow for the transformation of the container shipping industry. The use of the Kalmar Key will allow companies to make the most of development opportunities and collect information that would highlight areas of the business to be improved to work as efficiently as possible.

It is thought that one of the vital factors impeding improvements in this industry is the lack of a global commercial standards available for terminal automation. Up until the creation of the Kalmar Kay, most terminal automation systems have been based on an extensive integration of a mixture of different subsystems and solutions. Because of this each deployment has been essentially unique. With the release of this new platform from Kalmar, the industry has a common platform from which to build and will allow for a more systematic approach for designing terminal automation.

The new Kalmar Key uses Kalmar Terminal Logistics Systems as a basis and means that terminal operators will be able to customise their automation deployments as well as using third-party developers to provide offerings that are interchangeable with the automation platform. With the creation of Kalmar Key, the now customers will be able to complete their automation solutions which are right for their business. In the industry as the moment, a range of different systems are needed for the different brands of equipment, however, Kalmar Key allows customers to develop an automation system that is better suited to them and the equipment they use.

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