Johnson Controls Batteries Joins IAAF

Johnson Controls Batteries Joins IAAF

The Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation, IAAF, has welcomed another supplier to their membership numbers. The Global supplier of vehicle batteries, Johnson Controls Batteries has recently made the move to join the IAAF. The supplier is known for supplying a range of batteries to be used in cars, light trucks and commercial and utility vehicles. The company operates across a range of different industries and also supplies lead-acid car batteries to a range of battery retailers for the aftermarket.

The IAAF is known for its support of the automotive market in the UK and Johnson Controls will be able to work with the organisation in order to reap the benefits being a member brings. The battery supplier will also be in a position to make the most of opportunities to network, increasing their business connections and hopefully leading to new clients and an expansion of their business.

In order to communicate with their members, the IAAF release regular weekly bulletins which offers the battery supplier and the other members of the organisation an insight into the most up to date news for the aftermarket. As well as this, Johnson Controls will be able to attend the industry briefings that take place throughout the year as well as the annual IAAF conference which will take place this year on Thursday the 7th December at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Milton Keynes.

The membership of the IAAF is constantly expanding, meaning more companies are making the most of the benefits being a part of the federation offers. Johnson Controls will be involved with the essential work carried out by the IAAF and will also be kept up to date with any industry threats that could affect the future of their business in order to [prepare and ensure that their operations are protected in the future.

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