JLT Mobile Computers Announce They Will be Attending TOC Europe

JLT Mobile Computers has announced that they will be co-exhibiting at the TOC Europe. The leading
company that works to develop and create more reliable computers that are bespoke for demanding
environments has revealed that at the event they will be exhibiting alongside their long term business
partner Autepra, which is a company that delivers integrated IT systems.
The TOC Europe is an event that will run between the 27 th and the 29 th June and will take place in
Amsterdam in The Netherlands. TOC will provide the platform for JLT to show their products which
include their Navis-ready rugged computers that have been designed and created in order to deliver the
best operational capabilities while enduring more demanding applications. It is said that the JLT
computers use the most up to date industrial components in the design and manufacture of the
computer in order to offer the user a performance that is leading in comparison to similar models. The
computers also have a more rugged construction which means that they are more durable and will have
a longer operational life even while working in the most extreme of conditions.
For those that work at ports or terminals, the computers have been built with unbreakable touchscreens
and can also be used with gloves and in wet conditions. These computers a perfect for those working in
a range of different climates, making them perfect for industrial customers.
JLT has a track record of being able to produce products for a range of different customer requirements
including Ports Americas, which is the largest terminal operator and stevedore operating in the US. JLT
has also worked with a number of other different Ports such as Port of Gdansk and has also worked to
provide equipment for customers in the Middle East. JLT have a large customer base within the
transport and logistics sector where good and durable access to technology and records need to be

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