Jaama Recruits new Employees as Company Expands

Jaama Recruits new Employees as Company Expands

Jaama, the leading software company for the fleet and asset management industry has recruited six new employees. These staff will be fulfilling customer-facing roles and will help the company manage the increase in business that they are experiencing. These new recruitments are promising for the company and shows how successful Jaama is at the minute. With these new recruits, the leading fleet and asset management Software Company will be able to expand further.

Jaama has been expanding year on year and has managed to expand as a growing number of businesses a selecting Jaama’s multi award-winning Key2 web based technology solutions for their operations. This is great news for the software provider and has allowed the company to expand their customer base across the range of business sectors that the company operates in.

The six new recruits include a technical client manager as well as four technical support advisors. All of these new recruits have become a part of the company’s customer service department. Jaama has also recruited a project consultant, who will join the business as a part of Jaama’s implementation team. The new recruits are Lauren Haggerty, Sam Worton, Collette Dooley, Abbi Storer, Aimee Lund and Gerald Hyde.

The fleet and asset management company operates in both the public and private sectors. Jaama also has their own collection of workshops as well as vehicle leasing and rental companies and plant, equipment and tool hire services. The expansion across these areas has led to the company needing to hire more and more staff. Jaama is expected to expand further over the course of 2017 and this could hopefully lead to further recruitment.

Earlier in the year, Jaama carried out work to restructure their company and expand the customer services that they offer. These company infrastructure changes and service expansions has been great for the company and their customers, as Jaama has been better able to offer an increased level of support. Jaama’s Key2 service is used by organisations that, combined, manage over 900,000 vehicles, company car and commercial vehicle drivers as well as own drivers and those running their own workshops. With Jaama’s expected expansion, no doubt this number will increase over the course of the rest of the year.

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