Innovative Safety Systems Ltd Moving to New and Larger Premises

Innovative Safety Systems Ltd Moving to New and Larger Premises

A developer of vehicle safety technology, Innovative Safety Systems Ltd, will be moving to new and larger premises in order to continue with their growth plans. The safety solutions supplier will be relocating to larger premises close to the M5 in Pershore, Worcester.

Innovative Safety Systems, or ISS has developed a range of cutting edge safety solutions including Cyclear®, which is a Cyclist safety warning device that has proven popular for divers of larger commercial vehicles operating in more narrow, urban locations. The Cyclist safety warning device features a RX3 DVR Camera System and LANlink remote footage download system in order to make sure that drivers are as aware as possible of the presence of a cyclist. The company has also recently released Reaclear™, a solution that works as a reversing aid and uses a reversing radar and LED lighting & warning beacons.

ISS was first established in order to deliver a complete vehicle safety solution that was supplied from one company. The business offers their systems for use in a wide range of sectors that require transportation, including waste management, passenger transport, haulage and emergency services.

The new Pershore accommodation will allow the vehicle safety technology company the opportunity to recruit more people and continue with their plans for growth. The recruitment will take place across all areas of the business including office, product development and manufacturing in order to allow for more of their market leading products to be produced as well as improve product development to allow for more service enhancement systems to be produced.

At the new ISS accommodation there are offices, a large workshop, areas for product assembly and space to store the components needed for the vehicle safety systems. This relocation is a reflection of the success currently being experienced by ISS and hopefully the investment in larger facilities and recruiting more staff will help the vehicle safety technology company expand event further.

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