IAAF Welcomes Two New Members

IAAF Welcomes Two New Members

Two new members have decided to join the council of the Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF), increasing its pool of experienced industry professionals to further strengthen its ranks. The council is a voluntary group of aftermarket individuals that gather together regularly to debate industry issues and IAAF policy.

Kevin Kelly, the Sales Director at Bosch, and Chris Chapman, the Head of Sales at Moove Lubricants, have been welcomed into the council and are now the newest members of it.

“It is excellent to not only have one new member but two – both of whom I have no doubt will be valuable contributors to the IAAF council. I look forward to welcoming Kevin and Chris at the next IAAF council meeting and I’m sure the entire IAAF will benefit from their experience and expertise,” said Wendy Williamson, Chief Executive of IAAF.

Kevin Kelly said that he is “delighted to be playing a very active role in the IAAF and aim to provide both ideas and support that will enable the independent aftermarket to continue to thrive and develop,” while Chris Chapman commented that now with all the changes in the industry, including the type approval legislation, the recent MOT proposed changes being discussed, and the post-Brexit situation, “there is certainly plenty for me to get my teeth into, and I very much look forward to seeing what we can do further as an organisation to support the aftermarket.”

The IAAF is the only trade association that lobbies on behalf of the independent automotive sector specifically on parts. The federation’s aim is to promote all aspects of the aftermarket and support every part of a member’s business and provide beneficial services. The IAAF exists purely to represent the needs and requirements of its members and to coordinate its shared strengths to promote the independent automotive aftermarket as a credible alternative for vehicle service and repair.

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