Freight Association Have Written and Released a Briefing Paper

Freight Association Have Written and Released a Briefing Paper

Experts that work for the Freight Transport Association have written and released a briefing paper that should hopefully provide some clarification and advice to members on the Mobility Package that has been proposed by the European Commission. The Commission’s Mobility Package was announced last week and consists of eight different pieces of legislation as well as all of the other required paperwork that surrounded the legislative files.

The new Mobility Package that has been announced is thought to have a major impact on companies who work in the transport sector. This is because the included in the Package were new rules that impact on drivers’ hours regulation as well as tachographs, operator licensing and the minimum wage rules that would be applied to visiting drivers.

The Chief Executive of the Freight Transport Association, David Wells has said that the complexity of the proposals that have been set out by the European Commission in the Mobility Package means that supporting documents are required in order to help those that will be affected by the change understand what the changes are. The team that have worked on the briefing paper all had enough background knowledge and expertise in order to interpret the eight legislative files and consider how the Freight Transport Association Members will be affected. The Association also stated that they have the expertise related to the proposals which meant that they were able to be active and shape the new rules in a way that will allow the law makers in the UK understand what impact the new rules could have on the transport industry.

The Briefing document that has been laid out by the Freight Transport Association show that the Mobility Package that has been proposed by the European Commission aren’t expected to come into force until after March 2019. However, despite this late forecast the Association has said that those working in the road freight sector need to pay close attention to the changes that are taking place as it could affect how goods are transported between the UK and Europe. Also, in order to have a more simple trade agreement as part of the Brexit negotiations, the UK could end up adopting some, if not all, of the proposals that have been announced.

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