Exol Lubricants Joins PAT Platform

Exol Lubricants Joins PACT Platform

Exol Lubricants, the largest independent lubricants blender in the UK has begun to invest in electronic training. This training will take place through PACT has it is thought that the investment made by the company will allow the company to communicate more efficiently with their customers in the automotive aftermarket.

PACT is a trading scheme which has been formed as a joint venture by eparts and TecCom. As a part of this joint venture trading scheme the lubricant blending company will be able to connect with more than 2000 different buyer locations across the UK with the use of a common trading platform. PACT is known for the considerable enhancement of correspondence that takes place between an aftermarket supplier and a motor factor. The improved correspondence occurs through the adoption of more automated procedures for operations such as stock enquiries and ordering. This means that there is a faster and more efficient exchange of acknowledgements, dispatch notes and invoices.

The number of businesses who adopt PACT business operations has been increasing over the course of the past year. This is great news for the platform as well as the members, who are reaping the benefits from the shared platform. Those companies using these methods have reported that they have seen improvements in their internal processes. More and more leading aftermarket suppliers are trading electronically through the use of PACT. It is great for the communications company to welcome Exol, and will be supplying the lubricant company with the technology to provide excellent levels of visibility for Exol’s full product range and parts distributors. PACT enabled businesses are able to deliver efficient and smooth running ordering processes to their customers as well as a wealth of other services such as offering a reduced cost of stationery, postage and labour. PACT also delivers the redeployment of resources to other vital areas of the business.

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