Daytona Motorsport Announced their New GPK Kart Series Coming in Summer

Daytona Motorsport Announced their New GPK Kart Series Coming in Summer

Daytona Motorsport has announced their new GPK Kart Series, that will be coming to the track in the summer. The premier kart venue operator for the UK announced their new series which has been developed with the requirements of young drivers in mind.

The GPK Kart Series has a Cadet, Junior and Senior section which provides the driver with a technically advanced, single spec championship competition. These races will be priced lower than the owner/driver competition.

This new series has been designed for drivers that are aged eight and over. The new range will provide each driver with TonyKart chassis that are all identical. The engineering has won seven World Championships as well as many other different titles.

Daytona has chosen the Vortex DVS engine for the drivers in the Junior and Senior categories. This new range of GPK Series’ categories displays the very latest in kart racing technology. The karts are push start and have 125cc engines in order to offer the drivers a really good experience. The new karts offer the thrill of direct drive racing. All the Cadet drivers that take part on the GPK Series can race with the Vortex Mini MR3 Engine. All of the classes will also use Bridgestone ROK tyres in order to have a guaranteed high level of performance as well as being a long wearing tyre.

The GPK Series is meant to act as a boost for youngsters wanting to head towards a career in professional racing. In order to reflect this, Daytona has selected amazing winners’ prizes which includes entry into the Bridgestone ROK World Finals in Garda, Italy as well as a funded drive in the Formula Academy Championship in 2018 for the winner of the senior Series Champion. The Junior Champion will also win entry into the ROK World Finals as a fully funded drive in the Ginetta Junior Winter Series. For the Cadet Champion, they will win entry into the Bridgestone ROK World Finals and free entry into the GPK Series Cadet or Junior Championship.

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