Crane Worldwide Logistics Announced That They Have Appointed a New Global Director

Crane Worldwide Logistics Announced That They Have Appointed a New Global Director

The international logistics company, Crane Worldwide Logistics has announced that they have appointed a new Global Director for Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment, or QHSSE. Ashley Herren has been revealed to have taken up the new position for the company and will be working from Houston in Texas.

Crane Worldwide Logistics began operating in 2008 and has been working towards being a competitive global company in the freight management and combat logistics services sector The company has expanded since 2008 and has more than 100 different locations spread out across 25 different countries  and offers their clients creative and tailored logistics solutions and advice based on their extensive knowledge and experience in the sector.

Ashley Herren will be joining Crane Worldwide Logistics and will be bringing more than 18 years of experience from within the transportation and logistics sector. His new role will involve him working in quality, health and safety, security and environmental concerns within Crane, an area of the sector which is constantly updating and changing fro companies and clients. In his previous role, Herren has developed and put into practice QHSSE systems for two different leading logistics companies.

Ashley Herren has a wealth of experience working to integrate strategy and that has the support of a performance management solutions. Ashley Herren has carried out jobs in the past in more than 20 different countries, meaning that Herren will be an asset to the Worldwide Logistics company. Ashley has certification to work in occupational safety, fleet safety and multimodal dangerous goods. With this certification, Ashley will bring a wide range of knowledge to his new role as Global Director. Ashley will make sure that the best possible QHSSE systems are in place that offer the best service for the company as well as the best value for the stakeholders. This new appointment will surely be a success and we wish Ashley the best of luck in his new role at Crane.   

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