Condederation of Passenger Transport UK Launched CPT Daily Checks

Condederation of Passenger Transport UK Launched CPT Daily Checks

The Confederation of Passenger Transport UK has today launched the CPT Daily Checks, which is a complete first-use and daily walk round check app that has been created with the bus and coach industry in particular in mind. The app has been launched with TruTac at the Confederation of Passenger Transport UK’s Coaching Conference at Volvo in Warwick.

The CPT Daily Checks allows drivers to record and report and vehicle defects that have been identified either prior to a bus or coach entering service, or at a later point in the day at the touch of a screen. The app offers drivers a paperless system which means that drivers have the option to submit any supporting photographic evidence and explanatory notes for any defect.

The back office system that has been set up in order to accompany this system will mean that designated personnel will have access to each vehicle’s full walk round maintenance history programme. This access includes the history of reported defects, actions that have been taken and the information that is available on the persons who are responsible for carrying around any maintenance and repairs. The new CPT Daily Checks system offers users and back office persons the opportunity to see a full log of the times, dates and places where the defects have been reported as well as the support that has been offered to deal with these defects.

The CPT Daily Checks’ Compliance Management System that complies with all of the required regulations as well as the DVSA guidance on inspections as well as service maintenance records. Other key features of this new app are: the inclusion of industry approved templates for bus and coach operators., Individual driver alerts, simple notes and defects pages, Instant access to a wide range of reports as well as a seamless integration with CPT Tacho Analysis.

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