Communications Provider Announces Plans to Work with Top Fuel

Communications Provider Announces Plans to Work with Top Fuel

CLX Communications, a cloud-based communications provider has announced plans to work alongside Top Fuel to deliver IoT connectivity. The global scale project is to produce IoT connectivity for the Top Fuel; the European specialist in fuel cistern and tank-monitoring, and supply chain specialist.

The CLX IoT service aims to offer a network connection on a global scale. Being able to have network connectivity anywhere worldwide provides and advantage especially for businesses aiming to bring IoT and M2M applications along with their corresponding products and services to market. The use of deep operator connections networks is used as a platform for this expansive connectivity.

The technology for this industry is based on the concept of a reprogrammable SIM card. Customers of this enterprise place the SIM card into the IoT device once. The operator for the card can be changed at any point in the life of the device. The ability to change operating systems allows CLX SIMs to update depending on the best network coverage and cost for the area.

A business with a global reach aiming to deliver IoT products needs one service that has the ability to provide coverage in all networks while still remaining reasonably priced.

Top Fuel using CLX’s reprogrammable SIM will enable the business to widen its European network. By having more reliable access to network through the CLX SIM, there will be an ability to automate its fuel tank monitoring as well as their tracking and ordering systems and the handling processes. The network connectivity will provide Top Fuel with the ability to optimise their deliveries through the use of real-time data sent from the sensors on the sites of each tank. This can result in savings of both time and money. Furthermore, using only one provider for Top Fuel’s network needs is more efficient and saves the business money.

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