Cimcorp Supply new Picking Solution to Sinebrychoff

Cimcorp Supply new Picking Solution to Sinebrychoff

Cimcorp, the leading supplier of logistics automation Cimcorp has received an order from Sinebrychoff which is a subsidiary of the international brewing and beverage company Carlsberg. The order has been placed for a robotic dolly picking system which is to be located in their facility in Kerava, Finland.

The Cimcorp solution is expected to be delivered to the location, installed and in operation by 2018. The new picking system will be used to manage their material flow that takes place at the high-bay warehouse, loading docks and order fulfillment operations for the product before they are supplied to customers.

This new Cimcorp equipment represents a significant investment for Sinebrychoff. In order to get the most out of their money, the brewing company has selected Cimcorp for their equipment as they have a reputation for being flexible as well as delivering solutions that can be scaled, allowing Sinebrychoff to adapt to the market as well as making room for any future growth opportunities.

The new equipment will replace the established dolly picking loads used by the Finnish Brewing company, that at the moment accounts for 30% of the company’s deliveries. By installing an automated solution, the company will be able to save money and cut down on picking errors which would lead to the increase of customer satisfaction.

Sinebrychoff works to produce beers, ciders, soft drinks, energy drinks and bottled water from their main facility in Kerava. The business then transports their products to retailers throughout Finland. The automated solution will be flexible enough to manage the wide portfolio of products that are produced by Sinebrychoff, and the different packaging sizes that come with the diverse range of products. The new Cimcorp solution will mean that there is a 100% picking accuracy as well as 100% traceability for each product. The new logistics solution will also be beneficial going forward for their co-operation with Carlsberg.

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