Cenex Joining Europe's Largest Electrical Vehicle Road Trip

Cenex Joining Europe’s Largest Electrical Vehicle Road Trip

It has been announced that Cenex will join Europe’s largest electrical vehicle road trip. This event is taking place in order to recognise the potential of low carbon transportation.

Cenex is the UK’s first Centre of Excellence for low carbon and fuel cell technologies. Therefore, the announcement of the organisation’s participation in the Global Electric Vehicle Road Trip and E-Mobility Events. This event will be a road trip spanning 6,500 km, covering ten European countries. The event will last from the 25th April to the 10th May. The aim of this expedition is to present the best of technology and innovation for the electric vehicles. Cenex will be participating in the European leg of this journey.

Cenex is a leader in Europe’s ever growing adoption of low carbon technology in the transportation. Cenex will also be speaking at the tour’s two industry conferences taking place I London on the 25th April and 9th May. These conferences and at a variety of different roundtable events, Cenex will be offering the international audience of transportation and technology experts in EVRT an insight into the recent advancements made within the vehicle to grid technology that are being made o the continent. There will also be a presentation of Cenex’s work on piloting new low carbon transportation solutions in different European cities.

It is good for Cenex to form a partnership with the Global EV Road Trip in order to raise awareness about the new cutting edge work going in to putting more electric vehicles on the road both in the UK and across Europe. The Centre has been working on policy makers and supply chains together in order to pilot new technologies which will lead to a faster adoption of low carbon transport. This road trip and other upcoming event will give Cenex more of a chance to encourage even more innovation in the low carbon vehicle sector.

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