British International Freight Association Has Responded the Information Regarding to Brexit

British International Freight Association Has Responded the Information Regarding to Brexit

The British International Freight Association has responded to the new release of information in regards to Brexit. The British International Freight Association, or BIFA, is the trade association focused on representing freight forwarders in the UK. On the 15th August, the Government released a paper covering their ambitions for when the UK leave the EU. It is thought that this paper will be the first of many published by the Government, detailing the plans and ambitions for the exit negotiations.

It is no surprise that BIFA have publicly responded to the release of this first paper, as its topic is the trade and customs arrangements that the British Government hope for after the Brexit date in 2019. The focus of the paper demonstrates the importance of trade and customs in the aftermath of Brexit.

BIFA Director General, Robert Keen has explored the paper and feels that it shows a united Cabinet, looking at a more business-like approach to leaving the EU and the necessity of trade agreements. It is great news for the industry that the Government has acknowledged the importance of setting up a functional trade agreement with the company.  

Since the result of the referendum was announced in June 2016, BIFA has been promoting the idea of reaching an agreement that resembles the Single Market as closely as possible. In order to achieve this, The UK may need to remain a part of the Customs Union or form a relationship that is as close to this agreement as possible. This would be an ideal arrangement in the long term in order to offer smoother trade and customs procedures, but would be vital to stabilize the industry in a shorter term transitional period.

BIFA has expressed their commitment to continue to work with the Government through these negotiations in order to get the best possible outcome for their members and the freight forwarding industry.

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